Plastic Fasteners

Hook & Loop Cable Ties

Self Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

Self Adhesive Cable Wire Saddles

Self Adhesive Cable Wire Clamps

Saddle Tie Mounts

Push-In Low Profile Mounts

Screw Applied Low Profile Mounts

Cable Clamps

Mounting Bases

Self Adhesive Twist Locks

Twist Locks

Twist Locks with Standoff

Wire Push in Clips

Wire Saddles

Cable Clips

Contract Finish Cable Clips

Flat Cable Clips

Dual Nails Flat Cabe Clips

Cooler Pipe Clips

Wall Plugs

Dual Locking PCB Supports

Rest Mount PCB Supports

Reverse Locking PCB Supports

Self Adhesive PCB Supports

Bolt Head PCB Supports

Mini Card Spacer Supports

Circuit Board Bolts

Plastic Rivets

Cord Grips

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