Cable Clamps

Model : GCL

– Screw mount cable clamps are designed to hold cables, tubes, and components in domestic appliance, electronics and electric apparatus generally.
– Manufactured from Polyamide 6,6 these cable clamps offer good temperature resistance as well as offering high strength. A feature of the cable clamps are their versatility to accept cables of differing sizes through the use of a range of fixing holes – this feature enables uses to minimize stock holding of a large range of clamps.
– For permanent or semi-permanent, cable fixings for these cable clamps can be used in many industries, their light weight makes them particularity suitable for use in areas such as aircraft and aerospace where minimizing weight , but retaining a strong fixing, is vitally important.

Material : UL Approved Polyamide 6.6, UL94 V2
Color : Nature color

庫存單位 GCL 分類 , Features: ,

Part.Noø mmø inchA mmA inchB mmB inchC mmC inchD screw dim mm(inch)
GCL-1/8S3.ø5.45 for M5
GCL-3/16S4.80.1899.60.3789.10.3581.270.05ø5.45 for M5
GCL-1/4S6.60.2610.30.4069.10.3581.270.05ø5.45 for M5
GCL-5/16S7.80.30710.60.4179.10.3581.270.05ø5.45 for M5
GCL-3/8S9.70.38211.90.4699.20.3621.270.05ø5.45 for M5
GCL-1/82.90.1149.10.35812.ø5.4 for M5
GCL-1/45.90.23211.40.44912.ø5.3 for M5
GCL-3/89.10.35813.40.52812.10.4761.50.59ø5.3 for M5
GCL-1/212.20.48150.59112.ø5.3 for M5
GCL-9/1613.80.54315.80.62212.ø5.3 for M5
GCL-3/418.60.73219.80.7812.ø5.3 for M5
GCL-7/821.80.85821.40.84312.ø5.3 for M5
GCL-1-1/827.91.09824.60.96912.ø5.3 for M5
GCL-5/16L7.60.310.60.41712.ø4.4 for M4

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