Polyamide 12 Self Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts


Model : HW-2A-PA12

– For corrosive, high humidity, long-hour exposure to UV light, or environments in low temperature.
– 3,600 hours of UV light exposure in the laboratory. Equivalent to 24 years of weathering life expectancy.(Note1)
– Excellent performance for applications in critical environments. Such as offshore, oil rigs, deserts, and cold areas.
– Suitable for attachments to galvanized surfaces.
– Available in either “screw mount” or “self adhesive mount”
– Screw or bolt mounting provides excellent security when used in areas of high vibration.
– 4-way entry for cable ties enabling flexible installation.
– 3M VHB adhesive tape
(Note1 – The data are observed under the conditions in laboratory and cannot be used as indication of product liability.)

Material – Polyamide 12
Flammability rating – UL94HB
Color – BlackOperating Temperature -40°C ~ 95°C

Weathering Test –



Part.No Length(L)
Height (H)Mounting HoleØ
Max. Tie Width

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