PP Cable Ties

Model : GT-PP

– Polypropylene Cable Ties are higher chemical resistance when exposed to various solutions of salts,acides and bases. Ideal for use in the chemical process industry and related harsh environments.
– Polypropylene is superior resistance to chemical attack.
– Low density of PP cable ties can float the surface of most liquids, so it is easily to seen and removed.
– Continuous operating temperatures up to 115 °C (239°F).
– One-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability.
– Internal serrations allowing for a positive hold.
– Material Flammability Rating: UL94HB.

Material : PP
Color : Green,Black

庫存單位 GT-PP 分類 , Features: ,

Part.NoLengthWidthMax.Bundle Dia.MIn. Loop tensile strengthoperating temperature
GT-100M-PP1003.942.50.1220.87511115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-140I-PP1405.513.60.14331.39.120115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-150I-PP1505.913.60.14351.389.120115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-190ST-PP1907.484.80.19461.811430115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-200ST-PP2007.874.80.19501.971430115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-300ST-PP30011.814.80.19762.991430115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-370ST-PP37014.574.80.191024.021430115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-200HD-PP2007.877.60.3501.9727.260115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-240HD-PP2429.537.60.3632.4827.260115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-300HD-PP30011.817.60.3762.9927.260115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT-370HD-PP37014.577.60.31024.0227.260115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GT390HD-S-PP39015.357.60.31084.2527.260115˚ C (239˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)

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