Low Profile Cable Ties

Model : GTN

– Polyamide 12 ties are better performance on chemical resistance and ultraviolet resistance.
– Parallel tie entry for enhanced fit around circular bundles
– Outside serrations minimize indentation and damage to wire and cable insulation
– Double locking head reduce belt slipping risk
– Weather resistant cable tie for use in outdoor application

Material : PA12 ,or PA6,6, weather resistant
Color : Black

Part.NoMaterialLengthWidthMax.Bundle Dia.MIn. Loop tensile strengthoperating temperature
GTN-180HDPA121807.098.60.34401.57357785˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-260HDPA1226010.248.60.34532.09408885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-360HDPA1235513.988.60.34833.27408885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-115STUVPA66 UV1144.476.20.24250.98306685˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-180STUVPA66 UV1756.896.20.24441.72306685˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-180HDUVPA66 UV1807.098.60.34401.57357785˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-260HDUVPA66 UV26010.248.60.34532.09408885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-360HDUVPA66 UV35513.988.60.34833.27408885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-510HDUVPA66 UV51520.288.90.351385.435412085˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTN-750HDUVPA66 UV75529.728.90.352108.275412085˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTNL-360HDUVPA66 UV36014.178.90.351003.93408885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTNL-500HDUVPA66 UV49819.68.90.351414.33408885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)

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