Round Head Ties

Model : GTE

– Available in a wide range of materials.
– Internal serrations allowing for a positive hold onto cable and pipe bundles.
– The design of the head guarantees a high tensile strength while allowing a very low insertion force.

Material : UL Approved Polyamide 6.6, 94V-2
Color : All colors are available

Part.NoTYPE Length
Max.Bundle Dia.
MIn. Loop tensile strength
operating temperature
GTE-100M11003.942.50.1220.87102285˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTE-140I11405.513.60.14331.3224885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTE-200I12007.873.60.14532.09224885˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTE-190ST11887.44.80.19461.81265785˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)
GTE-430HD243016.937.60.31104.336514385˚ C (185˚ F)-40˚ C (-40˚ F)

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