Closed End Crimp Connectors

Model :C

Electrical wire connectors and tools are designed with features requested by electricians for construction, industrial, maintenance, OEM and irrigation applications.
– Four models cover a wide range of wire combinations from 22 AWG strands through 10 AWG stranded.
– Compact design fits easily into tight locations.
– Flared skirt ensures easily wire entry and protects against turned-back strands
– UL Listed for 300V maximum building wiring; temperature rated at 105°C (221°F) maximum.
– P/N with postfix V0 means the shell is UL 94V-0 flame-retardant.
– P/N with postfix °-L° means the tube is made of aluminum.

Material : UL approved 94V-2 Polyamide 6.6, copper tube or aluminum tube
Color : Please refer to the specification chart below

庫存單位 C 分類 , Features:

Part.NocolorDimensionsuitable crimping toolSuitable Wiretemp RatingVoltage
A mmB mmC mmD mmE mmAWGmm2
C3Natural2.67.656.818GIT-517C122-160.5-1.5105°C (221°F)300V
C4Natural3.°C (221°F)300V
C5Natural4.310.377.824.8GIT-517C1/GIT-517C522-100.5-6105°C (221°F)300V
C8Natural512.29.28.827GIT-517C522-100.5-6105°C (221°F)300V
C3-LNatural2.67.656.818GIT-517C122-160.5-1.5105°C (221°F)300V
C4-LNatural3.°C (221°F)300V
C5-LNatural4.310.377.824.8GIT-517C1/GIT-517C522-100.5-6105°C (221°F)300V
C3V0White2.67.656.818GIT-517C122-160.5-1.5105°C (221°F)300V
C4V0White3.°C (221°F)300V
C5V0White4.310.377.824.8GIT-517C1/GIT-517C522-100.5-6105°C (221°F)300V
C3-LV0White2.67.656.818GIT-517C122-160.5-1.5105°C (221°F)300V
C4-LV0White3.°C (221°F)300V
C5-LV0White4.310.377.824.8GIT-517C1/GIT-517C522-100.5-6105°C (221°F)300V

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