Vinyl-Insulated Butt Splices

Model :VI1.25

Butt splices feature a standard style tongue and are built to ensure secure connectivity.
– Expanded wire entry designed to accommodate wires with a larger insulation thickness.
– Designed to splice two solid or stranded wires together to repair or lengthen wires.
– Brazed seam protects terminal barrel from splitting during the crimping process.
– Internal wire stop assures proper length of insertion into terminal barrel.

Material : Brass tube with tin plated end sleeves with insulation PVC
Color : Please refer to the specification chart below

庫存單位 VI1.25 分類 ,

Part.NocolorDimensionMaterialWire Range
VI1.25SRed41.75240.5Copper Plate22-160.5-1.5
VI1.25MRed4.32.1250.65Copper Plate22-160.5-1.5
VI1.25Red4.31.7250.75Copper Plate22-160.5-1.5
VI1.25TRed4.31.7250.75Copper Tubular22-160.5-1.5
VI2SBlue4.32.3240.5Copper Plate16-141.5-2.5
VI2MBlue4.52.8250.65Copper Plate16-141.5-2.5
VI2Blue4.52.3250.8Copper Plate16-141.5-2.5
VI2TBlue4.52.4250.8Copper Tubular16-141.5-2.5
VI5.5SYellow6.33.8250.5Copper Plate12-104-6
VI5.5MYellow6.53.8270.75Copper Plate12-104-6
VI5.5Yellow6.53.4271Copper Plate12-104-6
VI5.5TYellow6.53.57270.95Copper Tubular12-104-6

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