Stainless Steel Strapping

Model :MLF

– Stainless Steel strapping is ideal for cable and pipe banding applications that require various bundle diameters.
– Applied with stainless steel buckles: MLW-BK and MLT-BK
– Tie length or bundle diameter can be adjusted by users
– Fit for hoses of all sizes
– Convenient and durable for mounting traffic signs, commercial signs, holiday decorations, etc.
– All sizes available in cardboard box or plastic dispenser, easy to dispense and recoil
– Packing in paper box
– Recommended Crimping Tools: GIT-260

Material : SS304 / SS316
Color : Nature Color

Part.NoLengthWidthThicknessoperating temperature
MLF-30HD-950630Mft1009.50.370.580.02500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLF-30HD-120730Mft10012.°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLF-30HD-160730Mft10015.90.630.70.03500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLF-30HD-190730Mft100190.750.70.03500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLF-30HD-950430Mft1009.50.370.380.02500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLF-30HD-120430Mft10012.70.50.380.02500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLF-30HD-160430Mft10015.90.380.380.02500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLF-30HD-190430Mft100190.750.380.02500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F

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