Releasable Type Stainless Steel Ties

Model :MLR

– Releasable type stainless steel ties are releasable and can double-wrapped for additional tensile strength, suitable for petrochemical and food processing industries, power stations, mining, shipbuilding, offshore and other aggressive environments.
– Fast, easy and reliable installation
– Additional ears can be bent back over the fastened tie to increase the tensile strength
– Polyamide coating provides additional edge protection and prevents corrosion between dissimilar metals

Material : SS304 / SS316
Color : Nature Color

Part.NoLengthWidththicknessMax.Bundle Dia.Min. Loop tensile strengthoperating temperature
MLR-150ST1505.°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-230ST2309.°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-305ST305126.40.250.380.02863.3934.175500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-460ST46018.°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-610ST61024.°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-150HD1505.99.60.380.380.02381.5113.4250500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-230HD2309.059.60.380.380.02632.48113.4250500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-305HD305129.60.380.380.02863.39113.4250500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-460HD46018.119.60.380.380.021375.39113.4250500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F
MLR-610HD61024.019.60.380.380.021857.28113.4250500°C 932°F-80°C -112°F

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