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Giantlok stands at the forefront of the customer service

In response to global climate change, energy saving and carbon reduction play the crucial role for sustainable development of the countries.With the rise of solar energy, the government stepped up efforts in leading and supporting the technology innovation, facilitating green energy adoption.

Giantlok strives to embrace the renewable energy transition and help to promote the Taiwan solar panel school project.

We focus on the safety standard criteria which pave the groundwork of solar panel infrastructure.Our solar panel wiring management solutions are all national standards compliant.Ensuring your electrical connectivity of solar panel is in our good hands.

Giantlok offers a wide array of UL certified cable management lines for your solar panel operation.Our well-established product offerings ensure you justify your expense, significantly reduce maintenance cost to mitigate your operational risk while taking into account the safety standard of energy facilities.

Many developers pinpoint Giantlok Stainless steel ties as a better solution that overcome the lifespan of the photovoltaic panels where extreme heat and UV exposure are generated in high producing solar areas. The product is specially designed to secure the wiring ducts onto solar panel where corrosion, weathering, and temperature extremes are a concern.

UL certified, Ultra UV-resistant, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, weather-resistantWorking with Giantlok’s Stainless Steel Cable Tie tensioning tools make your fastening and cutting job effortlessly.

Giantlok, the wiring management enabler to make your solar panel infrastructure future-proof.

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Giantlok stands at the forefront of the customer service
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